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Monday, December 12, 2005

sexualni zneuzivani pachane na akhaskych detech ze strany misionaru stale pokracuje

v severnim thajsku se nam podarilo ziskat mnoho dokumentace o sexualnim zneuzivani deti v "sirotcincich". nektere jsme jiz predali kancelari unesco v bangkoku, jine stale proverujeme. krestane schovavajici se za bileho boha prinasi mnoho nestesti a utrpeni lidem z horskych kmenu, kteri postradaji zakladni lidska prava a nemaji zadnou moznost obrany.

zde je prispevek akhaskeho devcete pracujiciho pro sirotcinec eden house. reditelem je americky misionar vern mccauley:

Eden House Children's Home

Ahmee Yerjae - Eden House Staff
"My name is C, but people call me A. I’m 24 years old. I grew up in an Akha village in northern Thailand. When I was very young, my mother left my two brothers and me. The three of us lived from house to house, moving on as families grew tired of us."
"Shortly thereafter, a major trial came into my life. I went on staff with a new children’s home for Akha children. While I was there, I was hurt severely by one of the missionaries. My world was shattered. I didn’t understand why a missionary would hurt me like that. I wondered why God would let that happen to me, and I wanted to kill myself. I began believing lies: I saw my dreams to finish school vanish and I thought I would never have a chance to go again. I became angry with God; I didn’t want anything to do with Him anymore."
"Then one day a letter came from a friend who was a student in a Bible college. He didn’t know what was going on in my life, but his letter encouraged me. At about the same time, Vern and Audrey McCauley asked me to be on staff at Eden House. I didn’t have to think about it. I said yes. "
"I moved in with their family and started to get to know them. I was still angry and didn’t trust anyone after what had happened to me. Finally I sat down with Audrey and told her what had happened. She helped me work through it and I began to trust again. I told God I would serve Him and do anything He wanted me to do, and He had me do my Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Chiang Rai."
I realized during my DTS that deep in my heart I had not forgiven the person who had hurt me. I was able to work through it and seek his forgiveness.(who is seeking who's forgiveness here?) The situation was restored. (and how is that?) I began to see that my life was valuable, to God and to others. I thought of the time when I wanted to kill myself. I was so thankful to God for keeping me from that. I learned so many things at DTS, and after I finished, I went back to Eden House and was able to teach the girls some of what I had learned".


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