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Saturday, December 10, 2005

rozdil pohledu nebo agresevni evangelizace?

jiz vice let se snazime prinaset informace o pusobeni krestanskych misii na tradicni kulturu a zivoty lidi kmene akha. znacne financni prostredky, ktere maji misionari k dispozici, by mely smerovat k rozvoji akhaskych komunit. vystavby sirotcincu pro deti z horskych kmenu jsou jiz dlouho kritizovany organizacemi jako unicef ci ilo. hlavni nedostatek techto instituci spatruji kritikove v jejich az mnohonasobne financni narocnosti oproti podpore deti v jejich vlastnich komunitach a nemoznosti zajistit dostatecny dusevni rozvoj ditete. i presto tyto, jiz dlouho znama fakta, vznikaji v oblasti severniho thajska stale dalsi sirotcince. v soucasne dobe se jedna jiz o stovky. zde je treba pripomenout, ze velka vetsina deti umistovanych do techto domovu nejsou sirotky. cilem misionaru ovsem neni pomoc akhaum, ale jejich konverze. a zde se dostavame k problemu odlisnych uhlu pohledu. je vira v toho bileho, krestanskeho boha lepsi, nez v akhaskeho ah pho mie?

The Thailand Trip http://email.seznam.cz/redir?http://www.joshuanations.org/blessings/2005_03_Thailand.htm

It was a great joy to be with one of our graduates, A/Je and his precious wife Nancy a couple of weeks ago. They have 75 orphans, 55 Bible School students, oversee 17 Churches and a missions complex.It was a joy to minister to all of these beautiful Thai people. The services were from 8:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. everyday. They were just as vibrant and jubilant at the end of the day as at the beginning.We were being jolted from one side to the other as we rode in the Toyota trucks up Elephant Mountain. It took about 1.5 hours of bone bruising before we arrived at the top of the mountain and there below us was the lush beauty of an Akha village.As we creeped over the top of the mountain a man ran from a hut and pounded on the window excitedly talking with A/Je. This man was a leader of a village and wanted he and his family to become Christians. What a welcome and divine interruption to our ride.We pulled the trucks over and were welcomed into his most humble hut. In one corner was a Bhudda and the artifacts of Bhudda worship. As A/Je began to talk to the man and his family he was given permission to take The Bhudda down and place the artifacts in a sack and then led the man and his family to receive Jesus Christ.We were all rejoicing with this new family because we knew that when the leader of a village becomes a believer the rest of the village follows suit. This leader knows about 50 more families and they too, soon, will become Christians and A/Je will set a Akha/Thai pastor from the Bible School into the community.To conclude an already beautiful story, a businessman and myself agreed to buy a piece of land and build a church for this mountain top community. We baptized 24 new converts in the mountains of Thailand. Fruitful trip!!!We were able to commission 12 students who will now intern for one year in the Akha villages. They are truly Raising up the next generations to advance the Kingdom of God in the nations of Burma, Viet Nam, China, Laos and Thailand. God has given A/Je and Nancy influence into these 5 nations. The apostolic flow is truly upon their lives.


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